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SEC Men’s Golf Awards announced


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Photo: Southeastern Conference

Birmingham, Alabama Friday’s Southeastern Conference announced the Annual Men’s Golf Awards, recently voted on by the league’s fourteen coaches.

The 2021 All-SEC teams and a complete list of awards are listed below.

NCAA Men’s Golf Regionals begin playing Monday, May 17 at various locations across the country. The SEC is represented with 12 teams in this year’s field.

First team every second

According to Oliva Pinto, Arkansas

Ryan Hall, South Carolina

Sam Bennett, Texas A&M

Davis Thompson, Georgia

William Moll, Vanderbilt

Trent Phillips, Georgia

Ford Clegg, Mississippi

Jackson Super, the first Miss

Wilson Furr, Alabama

The second team every second

Julian Perico, Arkansas

Ross Stillman, Missouri

Andrew Cousan, Auburn

Thomas Bonder, Alabama

Hunter Walcott, Tennessee

Dan Erickson, Texas A&M

Jarrett Barber, LSU

Ricky Castillo, Florida

Coach of the Year

Scott Limbaugh, Vanderbilt

Player of the Year

Davis Thompson, Georgia

Perfume of the year

Joe Pagden, Florida

General Sports Instructor

Ford Clegg, Mississippi

Every new team

Joe Pagden, Florida

Jim Butler, Auburn

Cole Sherwood, Vanderbilt

Tyler Wilkes, Florida

Canon Claycombe, Alabama

Manuel Lozada, Arkansas

Daniel Rodriguez, Texas A&M

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