Second major culprit found in Afghan evacuation flight

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Another Afghan, who was deported from the US following an aggravated criminal conviction, was on an evacuation flight to the US this month, The Washington Times learned.

The man, who was convicted in 2011 for qualified robbery and deported in 2017, somehow cleared all his overseas checks. Biden management He says he is doing. It was only marked when it arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport, which made it difficult to topple it.

His case follows Gadir HaydariAn Afghan who was convicted of rape in Idaho in 2010 and deported in 2017, but also boarded an evacuation plane and landed in Dulles.

They are among the tens of thousands of Afghans who have reached the United States, and their arrival points to potential problems with how they are studied in this wider population.

“A lot of time, effort and taxpayer dollars have been spent removing dangerous individuals from our society. “We’re going to send them back to the United States in a snap, with no prior thought of the consequences,” said Jon Feere, a former chief of staff at Immigration and Customs Enforcement and now director of investigations at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Both convicts were flagged by Customs and Border Guard officers.

While some analysts claim their flagging proves the process is working, others say that their arrival on US soil is worrying because it creates a set of rights and significant barriers to getting rid of them again.

Sheriff Kieran Donahue In Canyon County, Idaho, which is adjacent to Island County, Haydari convicted of rape, he noted another point: the potential impact of his crimes on his victims.

“This man is a threat. And the United States – Biden management – brought him here,” Sheriff Donahue said.

Inside Haydariin his case, the known rape victim was warned, he he said, but the sheriff could say nothing more to protect the identity of the person.

Haydari He is being held at an ICE detention facility in Virginia.

The robbery criminal was also subject to deportation proceedings, according to a document reviewed by The Washington Times. he He has expressed fear of being sent back to Afghanistan, which is the first step in preventing another deportation.

he probably not eligible for asylum because her crime. Skilled robbery is a serious offense involving the use of weapons or threats of force. Aunt, he Opposes deportation under the Convention Against Torture.

It is unclear whether the two cases were faults that should have been prevented abroad, or whether aggravated criminal records and previous deportations were not accepted as grounds for blocking a release abroad.

The Washington Times reached out to the Department of Homeland Security, which did not answer this question, although it acknowledged that returning prisoners may be difficult at the moment.

“Removal decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, taking into account a number of considerations. At this point, we are not sending people to Afghanistan,” he said.

The State Department, reached by The Times, said its role was to scan overseas. He directed questions about US operations to Homeland Security.

ICE deported about 210 people to Afghanistan from 2012 to 2020. With the latest case, at least two are known to have returned to evacuation flights.

“Were all these exiles in vain?” Mr. Feere asked. “Are we really going to bring each of them to the US and have no plans to send them back home?”

Sheriff Donahue He said local authorities would have to deal with the consequences of extradited offenders.

“We’re going to pay for it for a while, probably decades, and as law enforcement, we’re like the first line of defense here,” he said. “These people come to the country without a thorough review process and I don’t believe one has been fully done. We are ready to have a group of law enforcement agencies responding to tragic events, including terrorist activities, on our land.”

Biden management officials insist they rely on security review processes for the more than 45,000 Afghans sent to the US by air

NS management has been cautious about revealing exactly what it controls.

Testing in Congress this week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted that most Afghans were airlifted from Kabul without inspection. He blamed the crushing of people at the airport.

He said the government had set up waypoints in other countries where Afghans could be held and examined, and insisted that no one reach the United States “without being checked elsewhere first to make sure they don’t pose a security threat”.

Questioned by Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Mr. Blinken admitted to “a handful” of cases where Afghans are believed to have come to the US with child brides. The secretary said the government was “separating people” in these cases.

Mr Blinken said the government would carry out further scrutiny within a year if Congress approves it. Biden managementA plan to give Afghans a fast track to citizenship.

Members of Congress, however, cautioned that there is no way to require Afghans to remain at military bases for security clearance after they reach US soil. Some have moved away from the bases to mingle with the communities.

Security experts said: management should have prevented people from reaching the US until all investigations were complete. While abroad, they have limited recourse to the courts. But once they enter the US, even if they are promptly flagged and detained, they can sue for release, seek asylum, complicating deportation plans even if the government is inclined to do so.

Most immigrants who cannot be deported under current law must be released after six months of immigration detention unless the government can prove they are security risks or are about to be deported.

In the case of Haydari, the authorities have other options to keep he from the streets.

he Parole in Idaho in 2015, five years later her Re-entering the United States is a violation of this parole. The State Amnesty and Parole Commission received a violation report Tuesday and issued a nationwide arrest warrant.

Executive Director Ashley Dowell said the commission also spoke to ICE for information that could lead to new charges.

Sheriff DonahueThe federal government, who is part of the leadership team at the National Sheriff’s Association, said it could also file criminal charges. Haydari.

“This is really an aggravated re-entry from federal guidelines,” the sheriff said. “he knowingly returned to the United States after being deported, and he He was deported after a serious crime.”

NS Biden management He took a more tolerant approach to immigration practices, though he said that immigrants with aggravated crimes remained primary targets for deportation. It is unclear how this fits with the decision to allow rape and robbery prisoners to return to the country.

Kris Kobach, general counsel of the Free Citizens Alliance, Biden managementHe said in court that the deportation rules found that the government was “deliberately ignoring” the cases of previously deported offenders.

He said that by law, a criminal who has been deported before must be deported.

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