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SEE: Another former Sky Slams producer Kay Burley’s “Toxic” job


SEE: Another former Sky producer destroys Kay Burley’s “Toxic” job

An antique Cel the producer who worked with Kay Burley has told Guido how Sky’s the presenter who will be back soon has a “divides and conquers the approach of how your team treats ”, guarantee the loyalty of those who like her and shun those who bother her. In an anecdote from the complainant, Burley is accused of turning against a senior producer and treating her. “like a little slave ”, humiliating her by making her wear Kay’s shoes. As a result teasing Burley’s loyalists.

The former producer confesses that she was very young at the time, but she realized that Kay was working. “weekends out ” at his holiday home in Cotswold, Lechlade, which Guido’s source said he felt “to fix “:

What Kay does is this division and conquest, but she has her favorites. And suddenly they get the best stories. And all of a sudden, they’re working on their program

And then he ran on the weekends, where he invited people to go to his Cotswolds place. I think if you were invited, obviously you will have to go. I mean I had a friend who was invited and she said to me, “what the hell am I doing?” They didn’t want to go there, but they thought better of it. And in a fun way, I always felt very relieved, no.

I thought I felt like I was really preparing people. “

Another producer tells Guido that a simple problem with a printer on the set caused Kay to leave him aside socially, despite being well. “really good” with her until then. Referring to the infamous image of Kay grabbing a photographer by the throat, Guido’s whistleblower said it was “absolutely” his revelation of his true colors …

Media sources point out that in the United States Ellen DeGeneres’ long daytime television show ended amid similar toxic workplace claims. The Degeneres program ran on Comcast-owned NBC. Comcast also owns Sky …

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