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See Courtney Kardashian’s Tooth Fairy Delivery Setup for Son’s Reign


Courtney Kardashian Just to believe our angels. The mother of three has revealed that The tooth fairy met her 6-year-old son Kingdom disk Shortly after losing his teeth, and spread some magic on the way.

The Push founder posted about the amazing tour in his Instagram story on Friday, May 28th. A video shows glossy dust around the room of the sleeping rain – a sign that there is magic in the air, no doubt. Another small door and grassy fairy reveals the patch, which the Tooth Fairy uses to get to us from her earth.

Courtney, who clearly has a special relationship with the tour fairy, mentioned in her Instagram story, “Only the tooth fairy has the key to this oar door.”

The Keeping pace with the Kardashians The tooth fairy left for Reagan that must have written tooth-shaped stationery, must have shared the note “I’m too small to bring you toys,” read the note, which was placed in an adorable fairy-shaped mailbox. “Use this to choose the one you like” “

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