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See: Horror Shorts ‘Rule of Three’ about your inner monsters


Watch: Horror Shorts ‘Three Rules’ About Your Inner Monsters

By Alex Billington
May 28, 2021
Source: YouTube

“Like a voice telling me to do it” “” What if you don’t hear it? “ That’s how it happens! Scary. Rules of three A terrific new Slaser horror short film produced by young filmmaker Elwood Quincy Walker. The film premiered at a few festivals last year + this year and is now available for viewing online. Any woman suffering from her OCD and inspirational thoughts must overcome herself and face her inner monster to survive the night in the event of a horrific home attack by three masked slashers. It’s a fun game to literally deal with your real “inner monsters” as masked slasher guys. And it’s just a concise, catchy and very scary horror short. Acting Hannah Barefoot And James Warfield. In addition to making Alexander Taylor, it also has a great score. I’m always on the lookout for smart, distinctive short films that feel cinematic and Polish, and it’s a great film that’s really out there. Fight your demons.

Rules for three posters

Thanks The week is short For this tip. Overview from YouTube: “A woman must suffer from her OCD and interfering thinking, must cut herself off to survive the night in the event of a horrific home attack by three masked slashers, and face her inner monsters.” Rules of three Written and directed and produced by a Los Angeles-based filmmaker Elwood Quincy Walker – See more of his work on his Vimeo or go with him Official website Or follow him on Twitter Kulguielwood. Bennett Barbosa features cinematography and Alexander Taylor’s original music. And Salina Kyle from Ryan Ward and Giri’s Little Shop with makeup FX. It won a bunch of awards at last year’s festivals, including the 2020 Audience Choice Award Horrorigins Wal Rules of threeBut he was also keen to make sure he played well with the spectators. “” And it has to play well. For more information, see SOTW Or His website. For more shorts, click here. Thoughts?

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