Home Politics SEE: LibDems stealing here, grabbing flyers from doors, twice

SEE: LibDems stealing here, grabbing flyers from doors, twice


SEE: LibDems stealing here, grabbing leaflets from doors, twice

LidDem councilors have been caught stealing campaign leaflets from voter gates twice last week. As shown in the CCTV footage above, you can see the two councilors – David Whipp of Pendle and Lancashire and Jo Trigg in Towbridge – raffling around mailboxes and replacing their opponents ’election literature with her. Talk about trying to steal the election …

The owner who grabbed Whipp by shuffling his mailbox said:

“If someone takes something out of the wall mailbox in your house and puts it in your pocket, how would you call it that? […] My security camera just alerted me that there was someone on my property and, when I looked, it was a local councilor pulling out of his pocket something that was probably a conservative steering wheel. “

Whipp boldly defended his theft, claiming the Conservative pamphlet hung on the mailbox and “I didn’t want to dirty the area anymore ”. Guido waits for an explanation from Jo Trigg with breath …

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