Serena Williams Shares Cute Photos of Family Vacation

Serena Williams shares adorable photos of family vacation

Serena Williams, 39, and her Reddit co-founder husband, 38, are currently on vacation with their 4-year-old daughter, Olympia.

The tennis star posted adorable photos of her family on Wednesday, September 22, showing her and Alexis giving Olympia big kisses.

“I couldn’t pick a single photo to sum up our love for each other,” Serena said with a heart emoji. In the first picture, Olympia’s talented mother gives Olympia a big kiss on the cheek, keeping her side-eye play strong.

Serena on vacation with her daughter Olympia and husband Alexis

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The trio is on vacation in Puerto Rico with her friend and producer Jessica Steindorff, who took a series of adorable family photos.

All three women looked sexy posing on a tree over a pool, while Jessica later shared a photo on Instagram with Serena and a mutual friend from the town of Dorado, writing, “There’s no vacation without a vacation. Recreating the brochure intensely ×3.”

All three women look sexy posing on a tree above a pool / Instagram

In this photo, Serena is not with her daughter but little Olympia is still a little orb Trotter all her own.

She has an Instagram page created by both her parents with the aptly named “adventurer” in her bio, where she shares photos from her trips. Be it the London Eye in England, the Spanish Steps in Italy or the Palace of Versailles, the tot has seen pretty much it all.

On one of the little Olympia trips / Instagram

The 23-time Grand Slam winner, who has discussed all things motherhood and marriage, has announced that she would prefer that her daughter not follow in her footsteps as a professional tennis player.

“I hate having to deal with comparisons or expectations,” Serena said. “It’s a lot of work and I’ve given up on a lot. I don’t regret it but it’s like sliding doors: Go through a different door and lead a different life. I wish he had a normal life. I didn’t have that.”

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