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Sesame Street offers support to families dealing with stress


Sesame provides workshop support

Besides teaching kids numbers, letters and some of their favorite songs, Sesame Street And the beloved Muppets have a history of tackling difficult topics with a compassionate, evidence-based, and age-appropriate approach and this year is no exception. Not only were caregivers helping children cope with the effects of the pandemic, but they also had to answer the many questions the nation brought about racial justice.

In June, Sesame Workshop teamed up with CNN for Town Hall to help families answer children’s toughest questions about racism. And in October, a new TV special, “The Power of We,” tried to teach kids that they’re never too young to be ‘consensual’ for themselves, each other, and their communities. . Additional resources will be available to support families in the coming months.

Also this fall,Communities in Sesame Street (SSIC)The initiative released a new video special funded by RWJF. It focuses on building young children’s coping skills and fostering relationships between them and the caring adults in their lives—whether parents, caregivers, or community providers. video special“Small Kids, Big Challenges,” offers caregivers tips to help children deal with uncertainty by building resilience.

with some of our favorite friends Sesame Street And the insights from early childhood education experts and community service providers—including partners in three new SSCC communities, Miami, Baltimore, and Maricopa County, Arizona—offer exclusive tools and tips to help families cope with courage, optimism, and hope every day. . Suggestions include things that almost all of us can try, such as sticking to a routine, talking about our feelings, and reaching out to friends and family, even when we may not be able to see them in person.

The special also addresses families with common stress who were already dealing with this pandemic. These include parental addiction and . challenges such as trauma . is an array of ssic Free, Bilingual ResourcesTo equip parents and caregivers with tools to help children navigate these difficult issues and understand their experiences on these and other topics.

For example, during a special, one of the Sesame Street Karli, the Muppets, recounts her mother’s addiction and says, “My mom was doing much better, but now she seems really worried and I’m afraid she’ll get sick again. What should I do?”

special host, Sesame StreetKa Allen, counsels, “there are many kids like you” and connects her to the head of . Arizona Recover, one of SSIC’s leading partner organizations in Maricopa County, to hear how children can address these challenges.

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