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SFI hosted a virtual art exhibition


The commissioned artworks unified the disciplines of art and science




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The Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) invites the public to the opening of the STEAM Art Collaboration virtual exhibition.

This new initiative aims to inspire and engage people with research through five commissioned works of art that unify the disciplines of art and science using science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM). They will be shown to the public at the opening, which takes place almost 7-9pm 20 May.

Artists Shevaun Doherty, Ed Devane, 1iing Heaney, Peter Nash and David Beattie worked with researchers from SFI Research Centers APC Microbiome, Connect, iCRAG, Lero and FutureNeuro, to produce artwork that was creatively presented. definition of a range of scientific subjects. The artwork is inspired by PCR analysis research, communications in general, applied geosciences, artificial intelligence (AI) and neuroscience and is interpreted through a range of art mediums. Each of the five artworks is specific and unique to the artists and researchers involved and represents superb research through a creative lens.


The opening of the virtual exhibition will invite attendees to explore the collection and engage in a short series of In Conversation pieces with each group of artists and researchers to uncover the stories behind each artwork and explore the teamwork of each team.

Attendees are further invited to explore the virtual 3D exhibition space that will remain open during the summer months. It promises to be an evening full of insights into the fusion of research and art and the possibilities it presents.

“This new partnership gives the public access to science in an engaging and educational environment, emphasizing the many important connections between science and art,” said Dr. Ruth Freeman, director of science for society, SFI. “The five artists interpreted their concepts in a variety of exciting ways that are known through research but not purely explanatory in nature. The aim of the initiative is to attract people and inspire those people who know more and I would like to congratulate everyone involved in creating works of art. ”

The project was funded under SFI’s Discover Basic Science and Maths program, and in part by The Arts Council.

Following the exhibition of all five pieces of art, the 3D exhibition space and information on the projects and their associated resources will be available at: http://www.sfi.ie/engagement/art-collaboration/.

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Read More: Science Foundation Ireland science technology engineering arts mathematics SFI Steam

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