Shanghai Electric launches 11 MW Direct-Drive Turbine Petrel Platform SEW11.0-208

SHANGHAI, October 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / -Shanghai Electric (“Shanghai Electric” or “the Company”) (601727.SS and 02727.HK) announced the launch of its latest offshore wind power model, the Petrel platform SEW11.0-208, in a Zero carbon themed forum ”Who invited the leaders China the wind power industry to highlight opportunities within the framework of China commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. Another step forward along its offshore innovation path, Shanghai Electric’s flagship direct turbine, of which the company has full ownership of intangible property, has a nameplate capacity of 11 MW – the largest of its kind in Asia marks a major breakthrough for China home-grown innovation in offshore wind technology.

SEW11.0-208 is the first offshore wind turbine that fully utilizes the capabilities of Shanghai Electric’s proprietary Petrel platform, which is specially built to withstand high temperatures, humidity and salt, as well as changing and complex marine environments such as. earthquakes and typhoons. Against the background of China top goal for coal and carbon neutrality, SEW11.0-208 is an extension of Shanghai Electric’s efforts to make wind power a dominant energy source by launching an extremely economical wind power product with direct power that can maintain high power generation efficiency and low interest rates in both common and typhoon seas.

SEW11.0-208 uses Shanghai Electric’s latest LeapX control system to reduce the operating load and improve the unit’s operational stability by adopting digital design, production, O & M management in full cycle. The new offshore giant uses the S102 102-meter carbon fiber blade that delivers tremendous strength and superior performance thanks to its world-leading aerodynamic design. As a fully digitized smart wind turbine, SEW11.0-208 is also being overcharged by Shanghai Electric’s Fengyun system, a cloud-based remote management platform, to increase operational efficiency and profitability for developers.

“As a global leader in offshore wind power, Shanghai Electric is dedicated to helping China achieve peak carbon and carbon neutrality by leveraging their widely proven renewable energy technologies. The launch of our Petrel platform is a huge achievement for Shanghai Electric, marking an important step forward in our journey as we explore better and superior new energy products and solutions that lead the world to a greener future, said Jin Xiaolong, Vice President of Shanghai Electric .

Shanghai Electric, as one of the innovators in China wind power industry, will continue to lead the development of renewable technologies to support China carbon neutrality goals using big data, cloud computing, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and 5G, cutting-edge technological innovations to establish an advanced zero-carbon system.

Shanghai Electric is also in a pole position to benefit from the Shantou Offshore Wind Power Industry Alliance in its efforts to establish and consolidate the wind power industry chain for the city and establish a new ecosystem for the energy industry by synergizing industry players. Building on Shanghai Electric’s success in building the first carbon-free plant, it will continue to explore new technologies and business models to help China ushers in an era of carbon dioxide emissions.

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