Sharks Evander Kane accused of violating the NHL’s COVID protocols

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We learn new details about why the NHL is investigating the San Jose Sharks’ forward Evander Kane. Earlier this week, we were told that Kane is accused of violating the league’s COVID-19 protocol.

The interesting thing about these new details is that the league may have gone back and written the story back. Give credit to The Mercury News’ Curtis Pashelka, who pointed out on Twitter that the first statement the league issued on September 22 after its investigation into allegations that Kane was playing in NHL games is now different from the one the NHL has online:

The statement from the NHL after the investigation read:

However, further independent allegations of potential misconduct by Kane have been brought to light. These allegations are being thoroughly investigated and the National Hockey League will have no further comment on their content until the process is complete.

However, in the current online release, this section has been changed to:

In the course of this inquiry, however, two further questions were brought to our attention which we believe require further inquiry and inquiry. Both allege potential misconduct by Mr Kane, one involving serious allegations regarding his past behavior towards Kane and the other involving allegations of inappropriate behavior that could potentially endanger club members. These issues will be thoroughly investigated and the National Hockey League will have no further comment regarding their content until the process is complete.

Many people believed that the first statement came from court documents filed on behalf of Anna Kane, in which she alleged that Kane had sexually and physically abused her. The documents were filed as part of the ongoing divorce case between the couple.

However, the change in wording now claims that Kane also put his teammates or sharks staff at risk by violating the COVID-19 protocol.

Kevin Kurz, the sharks beat reporter for The athlete, received clarification from the league about the discrepancy in the two press releases. The NHL says the current release online is the exact one.

All of this new information comes less than a week after the NHL cleared Kane of allegations that he was playing on NHL games.

The Sharks are in the midst of reconciliation and training camp in 2021. Kane has not participated in the camp so far and is not expected to return until the end of the NHL investigations.

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