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Shenade Claremont Tweets What She Wants in a Group of Friends


Go best friend, he’s my best friend! Yesterday was National Best Friend Day. This is the day to spotlight your best friend and show them some extra special love. Although it only comes once a year, there’s nothing wrong with showing your bestie love all year long! Now when it comes to friendship in general, there are certain qualities one must possess to earn the title of best friend! Shanade Clermont, half of the Claremont twins tweeted what she’s looking for in a group of friends in a now-deleted tweet!

“Just need some fly girlfriends who have enough coin to travel and be beautiful together and on fun h*e missions together. No jealousy or hate,” tweeted Shannade. Some roommates form a strong circle Agree with Shannaday about being. One commented, “No hat for girls, need good circle of girlfriends.” However, some didn’t like that she brought h*e missions. Quickly told her about her past. One commented, “Be prepared to serve 5-10 in jail!! Her kind of fun will take you to court!!”

If you remember, in 2019, Shenade was sentenced to one year in prison for attempting to make more than $20,000 on fraud charges. She was accused of using stolen debit card information from her “sugar daddy” James Alesi, who passed away after going on a date. Shenade opened up about the experience in an interview with Page Six that same year. She admitted to using James’s card, but didn’t know he was dead until after the fact.

“He wasn’t sleeping when I left – he was just drunk. I’ve never been around people who have been heavy drug abusers, so I really didn’t know. It was like, ‘Oh, he was drunk.’ I was annoyed . . . [I thought] He was playing a game. So I just left,” she explained.

Shenade has managed to stay out of any legal trouble since this experience. Apart from a few recent dramas with City Girls, she seems to be avoiding the limelight.

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