Shows the latest: 103 new cases have been confirmed in Northeast and North Yorkshire


A further 103 positive-19 cases were reported in Northeast and North Yorkshire.

Nationwide, the government said seven more people had died in 28 days of a positive investigation into Covd-19 by Saturday, bringing the total to 127,524 in the UK.

According to figures released by the British Statistics Agency, 152,000 people were killed in the Covenant-19 death certificate in the UK.

According to the government, there were an additional 1,907 laboratory-confirmed cases in the UK since Saturday at 9 p.m.

It brings the total to 4,418,530.

Here is a list of new injuries in the region:

County Duraham -8,090 38,069. Darlington was 7,546 7,544. Gateshead: 13,786 was 13,785. Hartlu pool 8,926 8,924. Middlesbrough: 12,493 12,488. Newcastle -23,665 was 23,645. North Tinexide -12,528 was 12,522. North Yorkshire was 29,914 29,895. Northberland was 17,519 17,511. Redkar and Cleveland were 9,327 and 9,325. South Tineids was 11,366 and 11,365. Stockton was 15,932 15,924. Sunderland: 22,124 22,120. York: 12,278 was 12,274.

Total increase 103


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