Sikh: Sikh boy, 16, stabbed to death in London

LONDON: A 16-year-old Afghan Sikh teenager has been stabbed death on the streets of London, which causes heartache and anger in the broadest sense British Sikh community.
Rishmeet Singh, who was named locally, was killed by a gang in the residential area of ​​Raleigh Road in Hounslow, near Southall, at 9pm on Wednesday. Sikh members told TOI that he had been killed by a Somali gang. One theory is that they tried to steal his Gucci bag, which was fake. Rishmeet died at the scene shortly after ambulance personnel arrived. The capital police confirmed that a murder investigation was underway and murder detectives from specialist crimes have been informed.
A member of the Management Committee of Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar, Southall, who caters Afghan Sikh community, told TOI: “Rishmeet Singh was an Afghan Sikh and his family were members of our congregation. His parents were born in Afghanistan and moved to the UK. We only found out on Thursday morning. The whole Sikh community is devastated and we will hold a vigil on Friday in his memory, which his parents will attend. We totally condemn gang culture and racial hatred. ”
Rishmeet is the 28th teenager to be killed on the streets of London this year. His murder comes a month after 18-year-old Afghan refugee Hazrat Wali, who had fled to London for a better life, was stabbed to death on a playing field in Twickenham on 12 October.
“Polisen kallades till Raleigh Road klockan 21:07 på onsdagen för rapporter om ett knivhugg. Poliser deltog tillsammans med ambulanspersonal från London Ambulance Service. En man, som tros vara 16 år, hittades med knivhugg. Trots ansträngningar från räddningstjänsten, han dog på platsen “A short time later, his relatives have been notified; formal identification is pending. There have been no arrests,” a spokesman for the metropolitan police said.
Ealing Southall’s MP Virendra Sharma said the murder was “a horrific crime, one that is unfortunately far too common this year”. He said that young men and women should have the confidence to walk the streets of the capital and not risk being robbed or murdered. He called on the police and the government to take action to prevent another tragedy.


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