May 7, 2021


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Silvio Berlusconi leaves hospital after 24 days of care | | Silvio Berlusconi

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi left the hospital on Friday after 24 days under medical supervision for Covid-19 results.

Berlusconi, 84, became seriously ill with Covid-19 last year, described by a media billionaire as “the worst in his life”.

In September, Berlusconi, who led three Italian states between 1994 and 2011, was admitted to hospital shortly after the onset of pneumonia after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

A few days later, she became seriously ill, as doctors said she had a “very serious infection”.

“[The virus] it’s too bad, “Berlusconi said at the time.” I’ve given myself all my strength, I hope I can go back and forth. “

Last year, Berlusconi tested in Covid-19 sitting at his home in Costa Smeralda in Sardinia. Several coronavirus clusters that emerged there in August were he pursues a place of pleasure, including Billionaire, former Formula One team boss Flavio Briatore. On August 12, Briatore shared a video of the two together at Berlusconi’s home. Briatore was also admitted to San Raffaele Hospital for a few days at the end of August after contracting the virus.

Berlusconi was finally released from hospital 10 days after overcoming what he considered to be “the most serious problem in my life”.

Doctors said that most Italians who were in distress did not survive the virus.

After she was released from the hospital, Berlusconi, who underwent heart surgery in 2016 and used a pacemaker, urged Italians to adhere to secrets, manners and regular hand washing.

However, in early April, after several tests, doctors decided to allow him to go to the hospital for further tests because of Covid’s long-term performance.

His hospital stay was first announced by his lawyer in Milan in connection with a long-running “bunga bunga” and an investigation into Berlusconi’s relationship with a teenage girl, Karima El-Mahroug, called “Ruby the salesman”.

Defendants are investigating the charges that Berlusconi paid to witnesses to buy silence at parties they call “bunga bunga”.

According to media reports, Berlusconi has now returned to his home in Arcore, north of Milan.