Simon Bridges demotion: National Party lawmakers meet urgently following Judith Collins bombshell statement

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08:25 – Speaking to The AM Show, Newshub’s Tova O’Brien said Collins’ previous comment showed she was “challenging” and “indecisive”.

“These are dawn pistols. Only one person can stay. It’s more and more like Judith Collins’ kamikaze mission and it’s hard to see her surviving.”

After a series of press conferences, O’Brien said there will be a leadership challenge. He says there’s currently a question as to whether it’s done too much damage to Bridges’ reputation. Luxon also does not rule out a leadership inclination.

If Collins leaves, O’Brien said Shane Reti will step down as vice president as well.

O’Brien says the ticket being rumored is Bridges as leader and Erica Stanford as proxy. Luxon would be in the finance role. He says this is a “strong” lineup that unites the different groups of the group.

“This is the least unified any opposition party has ever been in my political memory,” he said.

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