Home Entertainment Simu Liu voices further “disappointment” with cancellation of ‘Kim feature’ – Deadline

Simu Liu voices further “disappointment” with cancellation of ‘Kim feature’ – Deadline


simu liu The popular Korean-Canadian family shared their opinion about the sitcom’s abrupt final season Kim’s facility.

on Wednesday, when the final season kicks off Netflix, the shang chi Star wrote a lengthy Facebook post in which he details his feelings, thoughts and disappointments along with the showrunner and producer’s decisions to end the series. Liu, who came first. expressed disappointment inUnfinished story for his character, rust; He said that he was disappointed with the lack of input from him and his fellow co-stars in the series.

“It was always my understanding that the lead actor was the character’s manager, and as the show progressed, more creative insights would emerge,” he wrote. “That wasn’t the case on our show, which was doubly confusing because our producers were overly white and we were a cast of Asian Canadians who had a lot of experience to draw from and present to the writers. But we often got to go to the next The plans for the season used to be told when we were ready to start shooting… intentionally we weren’t given too much leeway. Imagine my disappointment from year to year, knowing that Jung was just stuck on Handy and was in no hurry to mend himself in any way.”

Liu continued: “More importantly, the characters were never developed. I can appreciate that the show is still a hit and is enjoyed by many people … but I love the Asian characters.” I hold onto missed opportunities to show real depth and ability to grow and develop.”

In his post he also lashed out at co-creator showrunner Ines Choi for not doing enough “to be a champion” for diverse television talent. Liu stated that upon leaving the series, Choi did not leave a mentor, a “Padawan learner” or any other Korean listener who could fill his shoes. The actor wrote that he, and others, reached out to Choi for feedback and advice, in an effort to be more participatory in the writing, thinking that “people would naturally be inclined to help.”

“Boy was I wrong here,” he wrote. “I wasn’t the only one who tried. Many of us in the cast were trained screenwriters with ideas and thoughts that became more experienced over time. But those doors were never opened for us in any meaningful way. “

A representative for Choi did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

exactly two weeks later Kim’s facility The producers announced final season, CBC unveiled kim ki spin-keyf series starring Nicole Power.

“It’s been difficult for me. I love Nicole and I’m proud of her, and I want the show to be a success for her…

Power, of whom Shannon Ross shared a relationship with Liu Ke Jung, was one of the few non-Asian actors from the original series. Although Ross and Jung share a close friendship, Liu stated that he “would refuse to reprise my role in any capacity.”

See Liu’s full Facebook post below.

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