Six big projects coming soon to transform Co Tyrone

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While the past 18 months have made it hard to get excited about the future, now that most of the quarantine restrictions have been lifted, there is a lot of exciting stuff going on around. Co Tyrone.

Many things were put in the background in terms of construction and infrastructure in the district, but now that everything is back to normal, many projects have started to be discussed again.

While some of the projects in preparation for Co Tyrone are controversial, there is no doubt that if they continue, they will change the lives and views of those who live there.

Here are six projects that are expected to contribute to the transformation of Co Tyrone in the coming years:

railway networks

Earlier this year, an announcement of a cross-border review of rail networks, with a particular nod to the North West, sparked hopes that rail travel in Tyrone could return.

There is no train station operating in the district since the 1960s. An extensive rail network over the Great Northern Railroad.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Infrastructure said the review will be completed next year.

“Both Ministers see this as an exciting opportunity for the island to develop the railroad, tackle the climate crisis and improve travel and tourism links across Ireland,” said DfI.

“This review will examine the potential of rail links across the island, including how our existing links can be improved and where new rail links can best be placed. The review is expected to be completed around September 2022.”

A map of what the Great Northern Railroad network used to look like.

Strule Co-Train Campus

This new co-educational campus in Lisanelly, omagh plans to group six schools in the region into one shared facility.

The six participating schools are Arvalee School & Resource Centre, Christian Brothers Grammar School, Loreto Grammar School, Omagh Academy Grammar School, Omagh High School and Sacred Heart College.

According to the campus’s official website, through the Ministry of Education, it says the project will maximize the opportunities available for students in the region.

“Each school will maintain its individuality and morality while maximizing the opportunities provided through collaboration and sharing,” its website says.

“This means providing students with the widest range of subjects on campus. Schools will be able to deliver 21st century curriculum in progressive, modern and flexible facilities, and that curriculum will be significantly enhanced by sharing resources.”

One school, Arvalee, has already moved to the area, but it’s unclear when the rest of the project will resume.

“The Strule Co-Education Campus Program includes substantial capital investment in the region’s post-primary and special education sectors for the construction of six new schools and associated co-educational facilities,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Education.

“There are significant educational, societal and economic benefits associated with implementing the programme.”

A map of what the Strule Shared Training Campus will look like

Ulster Canal

While the early stages of the Ulster Canal project have focused on an extension of the old canal from Co Fermanagh to Co Monaghan, there are hopes that the restoration of the waterway could bring improved tourism opportunities to nearby areas of Co Tyrone such as Moy. On the Blackwater River.

The Ulster Canal is one of those projects that better connects citizens North-South and also creates tourism opportunities for our island. “Phase 1 of the project, the restoration of the road from Lough Erne to Saunderson Castle, was completed in spring 2019 and is now open to navigation.”

Bookies enjoy a free ride at the Blackwater Community Barge.

A5 West Transport Corridor

First proposed in 2007, the A5 project faced a series of legal challenges by a group known as the Alternative A5 Alliance.

A road expert suggested multi million pound road plans It may need to be rethought, but DfI said they are committed to the project that will connect a dual carriageway from Aughnacloy. Derry via Omagh and Strabane.

“The Minister is committed to the development of the A5 West Transport Corridor project, which is of strategic importance to the North West and is a key connecting corridor across our island.

“The minister is determined to see progress in this transformative project that will help tackle regional imbalance, improve the economy, increase job opportunities while connecting communities and improve road safety.”

Recommended route for the A5 West Transport Corridor

Strabane Public Space Plan

A number of public space plans across Northern Ireland aim to improve public spaces in our towns and villages, and Strabane city center is reserved for major improvements.

While there is a delay in the business case submitted to the Communities Department for the program in Strabane, the project will eventually see a £7m investment to develop city center pathways and new street plants and furniture.

Weeds growing in Strabane city center

Ann Street, Dungannon

A £10m plan to bring investment, jobs, shops and hotels to Dungannon’s Ann Street was made public in 2018.

while there is rumors about the future of developmentThe Mid-Ulster District Council said it continues to work with preferred bidder Moorefield Contracts to drive development.

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“Ann Street remains a strategically important site for Dungannon, which aims to bring a multi-million pound business development to the city by connecting the west of Dungannon to the existing core retail and business area,” the council said.

We continue to engage with the preferred bidder to further the redevelopment of the site, which will bring substantial investment and employment to Dungannon.”

An impression of what Ann Street will look like according to initial plans for 2018

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