Skin A&E is looking for people from Brighton with medical conditions

Searching for a TV show Brighton residents with medical conditions who are interested in receiving free treatment.

Volumes A and E, which airs on Channel 5 and 5 Stars, seek out members of the public who want the opportunity to see a consultant dermatologist and receive free treatment for their skin complaints.

The selection team is looking for people with cysts, lipomas, lumps and swellings, particularly those who have been told their condition cannot be treated on the NHS or are on a long waiting list or have their treatment delayed.

Follow along with the first two series, Volumes A and E, returning for a third season with a team of dermatologists giving participants free consultation, advice and, if appropriate, medical treatment.

The second series featured a woman with a large lipoma on her shoulder and a man with multiple cysts on her head.

The show follows the journey from consultation to surgery, reflecting on how skin conditions affect their quality of life and mental state. health.

Applicants must be willing to talk openly about their situation and be ready to shoot for one day between November 2021 and January 2022.

All applicants must be legal residents of the UK, currently living in the UK and be 18 years or older.

The deadline for applications is Friday, December 17.

The show is produced by Boom Cymru, one of the largest independent TV companies in Wales.

For information and application form, please email [email protected]

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