‘Sledgehammer’ – Troy Deeney opens up to end Birmingham City’s struggles

Troy Deeney says Lee Bowyer is trying to change the ‘mentality’ at Birmingham City as the club tries to break its annual cycle of relegation struggles.

blues He got off to a good start under his current head coaches, but in the last five games he has slumped into his old habits, missing opportunities and gifting goals.

Deeney says Archer He talks to his team about consistency, both in games and in practice, to transform the Blues Titanic.

In an interview with former Birmingham City striker Clinton Morrison 72 League Deeney said: “We got off to a really good start when it first came out, we got off to a good start this season. [first] the international break probably killed us.

“I came in on the international break and then from the outside it looks like I came and messed things up.

“We have these spells in seasons with games we need to win, we didn’t and right now we’re just on the wrong side.

“But it [Bowyer] It’s been great, I think he’s definitely trying to build something here and he’s the right guy to get us ahead in the league and where we want to go.

You have to change mindsets, you get it when you’re in the game, but for outsiders, Birmingham, I think three of the last four years or four of the last five, the last day is left. So the mentality is used to falling battles.

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But he came and he’s changing that and trying to say, ‘You’re being consistent like this every day to get up in the league’.”

Joining Watford towards the end of the transfer window, the 33-year-old has gained a reputation as an honest talker who is not afraid to voice his opinions.

However, he acknowledges that returning a penalty goal from six games, including three starts, means he needs to be more measured.

“I can say that I have changed my approach a bit. Would I love to go in and grab a sledgehammer and say to the place, ‘This is how it’s supposed to be’? Of course I would like.

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“But I’m respectful, I think you get a little more respectful as you get older. We already have a Harlee Dean who’s captain, Jukey [Lukas Jutkiewicz] he’s also a big, solid professional.

“There are a few lads running around the block, they know what they’re doing, so you don’t necessarily have to go in and take them apart.

“But I also have to hit the ground running and I didn’t. So if I can get back to scoring and doing what I’m doing, I think then the respect will increase and you’ll be in a position to start demanding more.

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“If I don’t do my job to the best of my ability then I’m one of those people who can’t demand it from anyone else.

“The results were not reflective, I don’t think, we missed a lot of chances and we played bad defense, we hope to finish this next Friday.”

This comes against local rivals West Brom at The Hawthorns, where the Blues are looking to score for the first time in six games and Deeney’s first since their 4-1 loss to Fulham.

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