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Smartphone sales skyrocketed in Q1 2021


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Shipments jumped 27% worldwide as major regions succumbed to the pandemic




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The worldwide smartphone market, which has been reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic, saw a big comeback in the first quarter of this year.

Global shipments for Q1 were a whopping 27% higher than the same time last year, according to Canalys.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the smartphone market hard, first by disrupting the supply chain. The Chinese factories that made phones for Apple, Huawei, and Samsung abruptly stopped work. After that, the demand for new phones dropped due to the pandemic economic collapse.


“Covid-19 is still a major consideration, but it’s no longer the main bottleneck,” said Ben Stanton, Canalys research manager. “The supply of critical components, such as chipsets, is fast becoming a major concern, and will hinder smartphone shipments to future quarters. And it will encourage the world’s brands to take action. rethink regional strategies. “

During Q1 2021, Samsung led with 76.5 million phones shipped. That’s a 28% increase from 59.6 million last year and a 22% share of the global smartphone market.

According to analysts, the impressive performance of the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra has driven Samsung’s growth.

Apple came in second thanks to its 41% increase from 37.1 million smartphones to 52.4 million. This is most likely due to its popular iPhone 12 and continued demand for the iPhone 11.

Meanwhile, Huawei has fallen into the top five and experienced a 16.5% revenue decline in Q1 2021. Huawei’s downfall is likely due to its sale of its Honor smartphone business last year and US sanctions.

“Xiaomi is in a pole position to be the new Huawei,” Stanton said.

Xiaomi is China’s largest smartphone company and saw 62% growth by Q1 2021. On the list of competitively priced smartphones, Xiaomi temporarily overtook Apple last year as the third largest phone manufacturer in the world.

“Its competitors offer superior channel margins, but Xiaomi’s volume actually gives shares a better chance to make money than rival brands,” Stanton said. said. “But the race isn’t over yet. Oppo and Vivo are hot on its heels and positioned mid-range in many regions to box Xiaomi to the low end.”

Canalys said LG’s exit from the smartphone industry presents new opportunities for Motorola, TCL, Nokia, and ZTE. This is especially true in America, where LG sold 80% of its phones last year.

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