Snow will hit UK in weeks as precisely forecast in October

Temperatures across the UK are expected to return to seasonal averages after a warm start to October.

Parts of England will fall below freezing In time for Halloween, a colder wind front brings cooler temperatures.

From Wednesday 13 October, parts of northern England in northwestern Scotland will experience freezing temperatures at night.

British Weather Service’s Jim Dale said conditions in the UK will return to their seasonal averages and wet conditions will return next week.

He said: “It’s okay this week, especially calming. Next week is more rainy and windy, but there are no such storms.

It is the wettest in the northwest – as usual. It’s not extreme cold, it’s actually just returning to seasonal averages.”

When is the first snowfall forecast in the UK?

England could be ready to see its first snowfall of the season in two weeks.

Temperatures will drop markedly this week as Scotland’s northwest takes a cold front and returns to seasonal averages across the country.

A possible snowslide could hit the UK in time for the spooky season, bringing a “white Halloween” to parts of the country.

According to, forecasters are forecasting snowfall on the west coast of Wales and Scotland at 6 a.m. on October 24.

October 24 is the proposed date for mercury to drop to 0C north of the Scottish border, with drops to as low as -1C in parts of the country.

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