Social for Action: Crowdfunding solutions that help empower people

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– “Social for Action” is a Maharashtra-based non-profit initiative by the Sakal Social Foundation

– Bring out the good in people through generosity

PUNE, India, 26 November 2021 / PRNewswire / – People need to believe in the power to make someone smile, to save a life. Brilliant ideas and social change can affect the world.

Social for Action is easy to use to help transform individuals and the non-profit sector. The most accurate online tools, offered to mobilize audiences for great ideas and projects, allowing good things to be done quickly.

About Social For Action

As a technology-for-good platform, there are complete crowdfunding solutions to empower individuals, NGOs and social enterprises. Thus enabling fundraisers for medical emergencies, personal needs, creative projects or any social cause – whether large or small. The purpose is to promote generosity and the need to maximize the potential for good.

The team works together to help, innovate, collaborate and support everyone who wants to use crowdfunding to make a positive difference. On a given day, there are interactions with campaign leaders, stories written, the platform developed to become more functional by reaching out to more NGOs and paying out funds. The world can change – one collection at a time.

For sensors

Verification of all necessary documents for fundraising from NGOs and individuals ensures that the donation makes a difference in its real purpose. The primary goal is to enable socially donate to reliable NGO projects and an uncomplicated, credible experience for verified individuals.

For non-profit organizations and private individuals

A simple introduction process and 0% platform fee make fundraising an easy experience for any NGO, no matter how big or small.

“The Social For Actions crowdfunding platform has helped 4211 destitute women in Maher Ashram to collect 8 93,000 / – INR in one month. The total amount will support a holistic development of all orphaned children, so that women who have been exposed to violence who have been rejected by relatives together with women with mental disabilities must stand on their own two feet. “
Sister Lucy Kuriyan, founder, Maher

“Social For Action has helped us raise INR 3 34,000 / – This amount has helped build hostel and school building projects in Kudal in the Ratnagiri district and help low-income, single parents and low-income household children.”
Renu Gavskar, founder, Eklavya Balshikshan Arogya Nyas

Get 50% tax exemption on the contribution. All donations to SFA, India most reliable crowdfunding platform, are exempt from tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

To donate, click on the following link:

Collection with us:

For more information or to register or donate online, visit

About Sakal Social Foundation:

Sakal Social Foundation, a medium for social change, grants and fighters for social causes, has stuck to Sakal Media Group’s ethos and has become central to the group’s identity. The main purpose of the foundation is to engage in charity and social activities that promote the secular character of the Indian nation and to promote national integrity, patriotism and the upliftment of society at large.


To conduct activities that are helpful to society in general and to all individuals or individuals, especially in the fields of medicine, education, natural disasters and social awareness. To organize public lectures, study camps, awareness-raising campaigns, discussions, meetings, seminars, conferences, training sessions, exhibitions, etc. to conduct research on important issues related to the upliftment of the poor and needy. Prevention of AIDS and other related diseases, social and economic empowerment, child labor, etc. are some other areas that this foundation is investigating. To implement urban and rural development programs and work with governmental, semi-governmental and non-governmental organizations to provide financial assistance to people in need. To help other organizations to function smoothly that are engaged in social activities. To conduct free seminars, courses, lectures, etc. in the field of research and education. To encourage and promote literacy. To conduct activities in medicine, education, culture, sports, art, patriotism, media sector studies, etc. To provide financial and non-financial support to those affected by natural disasters. To spread education in life skills among children and young people.

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+91 (0) 20-2560-2100 / + 91-86050-17366

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