Social Worker Investigates Allegedly False COVID-19 Vaccine Claims By Email

Authorities launched an investigation into the Adelaide social worker after she complained about false allegations of the COVID-19 vaccination in an email circulated earlier this year.

The South Australian Commissioner for Health and Community Services Complaints has imposed a temporary ban on Matilda Bowden for at least 12 weeks.

The ruling, which came into force yesterday, removes her from providing medical services “with regard to ‘education and information’ regarding COVID-19 vaccines.”

In a statement, the commissioner’s office said the order followed a complaint “about emails written by Ms. Bowden with false claims about COVID-19 vaccines.”

An an email sent by Ms Bowden on April 7 said she was suspending service To “service providers, clients, friends and family” who are vaccinated.

Although Ms. Bowden is not a registered healthcare professional, she continues to be subject to the industry code of conduct.

The Commissioner is a statutory body with the authority to prohibit healthcare providers from using these services while complaints are being investigated.

Commissioner Grant Davis said this is not the first time an unregistered healthcare professional has been investigated for claims of COVID-19 vaccination.

“This is the third interim ban that we have issued regarding false information about the COVID vaccine that was recently provided by unregistered healthcare professionals,” he said.

“The Code applies to all unregistered medical services, including social workers.”

Ms. Bowden has worked with clients of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

She is not a registered NDIS provider, but self-managed NDIS customers are free to spend their money on her business.

The Commissioner said she was allowed to continue to provide other services while the investigation was ongoing.

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