Solomon Islands’ prime minister accuses foreign powers of unrest as protests spread

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CANBERRA: Foreign countries are responsible for fueling the unrest that has led to it violent protests in the Solomon Islands, said Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare on Friday (November 26), as the small island nation in the South Pacific struggles to quell the unrest.

Sogavare explained one 36-hour locking in the country’s capital, Honiara, on Wednesday as authorities fought to stop extensive looting and prevent protesters from burning buildings.

Many of the protesters have come from the most populous province of Malaita, where many feel overlooked by the government in the wake of its opposition to the Solomon Islands’ 2019 decision to end diplomatic relations with Taiwan and establish formal relations with China.

Sogavare said that the anger has been aroused by unnamed foreign countries.

“I feel sorry for my people in Malaita because they are being fed with false and deliberate lies about the prey,” Sogavare told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“It is precisely these countries that are now affecting Malaita that are the countries that do not want relations with the People’s Republic of China, and they are discouraging Solomon Islands from entering into diplomatic relations and complying with international law and the UN resolution.”

Sogavare refused to name the countries, as the protests continued to seize the Solomon Islands.


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