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Source about Why Andy Cohen “Went Hard” on Erica Jayne at RHOBH Reunion as Erica compares herself to Sharrieff Shah

REPORT: Bravo Encourages Andy Cohen To Grill Erika Jayne At RHOBH Reunion Taping As Source Reveals The Network's Strategic Plan

A new report reveals the reason Andy Cohen asked Erika Jayne hard-hitting questions at Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 reunion taping as Erika likes a tweet suggests she’s in Jen Shah |hirem Mann, Sharrieff Sch, are in the same messy situation.

On Monday, Andy revealed on his radio broadcast that he had asked Erika to record “everything” on September 10, under accusations that she was helping her foreign husband, Thomas Girardi, hides stolen assets he should hide of its former customers doubled, including orphans and widows. According to his comments, a source confirmed the See What Happens Live Guest “Went hard” on Erica, and now a separate insider claims that he did so at the request of the network.

“Andy was not easy with Erika during the recording,” the source said The sun on Tuesday. The network expects this to be one of the highest rated meetings, so they encouraged Andy to “go there” with the questions without exposing the show or Erica to more legal issues.

In addition, the source claims that Bravo devised a strategic plan where they required Andy to ask the most difficult questions right out the door just in case Beautiful mess The author decided to strike.

“There’s a lot to cover this year so Erika’s story was at the center before the other storylines were addressed,” the insider added. “The plan was to shoot the hardest questions first, so they had the film even when Erika decided to leave.”

Nevertheless, Andy confirmed that there were no “Walk-Offs” this year, so that it seems as if it remains at the center of the drama. And even if she reportedly “felt good” about the answers she asked after the questions, that doesn’t necessarily mean she was happy with Andy or her co-stars after the insider.

“There were some conflicts and Erika left the meeting unhappy because she felt attacked by the line of question,” the source explained.

As for the issues that forced the singer to tackle the whole day, Andy said he was wondering about Thomas’ alleged mistress, the missing money, the $ 25 million lawsuit Erika’s face, and Thomas’ dementia diagnosis. In addition to the topics already mentioned, Andy shared that he “absolutely” also had questions about the alleged “orphans and widows”.

Prior to the recording, Erica reportedly spent a lot of time dating Andy and her co-stars, including her longtime friend, Kyle Richards.

“Erica is so upset with her costumes that she is watching the show back because they are backstabbing her behind her back,” a source told the outlet earlier. “She is most angry with Kyle. She feels Kyle was the two-face for her and her friendship will not be the same.

Meanwhile, as Erica continues to be active on social media, as well as the quarrel with the lawyer to investigate her in Thomas’ bankruptcy case, she apparently agreed with an interesting feeling earlier this week.

After a fan called Erika his “hater”, along with the lawyer Ronald Richards via Twitter, while the “XXpen $ ive” singer compared with Real housewives from Salt Lake City the star of Jen Shah’s husband, Erika, “liked” the tweet.

“I do not see Ronald Richards or any of you haters harassing Coach Shah [though] he is literally in the same situation as Erika, “the person wrote before Erika hit the heartbeat.

As fans well know, Jen was arrested in March charged with two counts of fraud after allegedly carrying out a decade-long telemarketing scheme that targeted casualties and elderly victims. However, Sharrieff has not been charged or even mentioned by prosecutors handling the case.

Erika apparently thinks she’s in the same boat as the respected coach despite the fact that she’s been named in different clues, too. a $ 25 million suit to accept allegedly fraudulent millions from the Thomas Law Firm. She was also charged file a “shameful” divorce by Thomas in an attempt to help the disbarred lawyer hide hidden stolen assets.

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