May 9, 2021


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South Water is working to restore Hamshire water supply

Thousands of people across Hampshar have been left without running water today after being cut off by the storm.

More than 20,000 properties across the country have lost their water supply or are under pressure.

According to South Water, a hurricane caused power outages to pump equipment in the north-facing Otterburn water treatment plant. Southampton.

This resulted in low water levels in every Wehill reservoir and water supplies or low water pressure in the city and south of Hampshire on Tuesday.

The utility company says the teams are working hard to return the water to the residents.

South Water said in a statement tonight that supplies had been restored in some areas and that the situation was expected to improve overnight.

However, bottled water collection points have been set up for all concerned.

  • East Winchester St. Catherine’s Park and Walk
  • Places entertainment Isleley
  • South Winchester Park and Riding

A company spokesman added: “We are in contact with the authorities to promote more bottled water stations to support other customers and to continue providing water to our vulnerable customers.

Our team worked day and night to fix issues at our Otterburn station after wind and power outages affected our river water supply last night.

Customers may also have local advertising tanks to help us supply as many people as possible.

We apologize again and keep up to date with the latest developments on our social networks.

Call Southern Water on 0330 3030368 to register for priority services.

Chloe Emon Keoh confirmed on social media that the Southampton City Council had met with South Water today.

He said: “I know you know the water shortage that is affecting Southampton. CCC has been briefed on South Water to refill the water supply and replenish the water supply, which could be resolved by Wednesday morning, although we hope this will happen soon. “

“Southern Water is working on an emergency plan to supply bottled water to the affected properties until the water crisis is resolved,” he added.