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Southwest: US suspends alcohol sales after flight victim attack – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth


(CBSDFW.COM/CNN) – – American Airlines has joined Southwest Airlines to discontinue alcohol services during flights, the airline said on Saturday. The decision follows a recent attack in which a South West flight attendant was seriously injured.

“Flight attendants are not only ensuring the safety of our customers, they are also responding to policies, such as facelifts, and implementing federally required face masks,” said Brady Bayers, Managing Director of Flight Services in the United States. Note to flight attendants from CNN.

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“Over the past week, we have seen some of these troubles cause serious disruptions to aircraft,” the statement said. Let me be clear: American Airlines does not tolerate harassment or abuse of our employees.

Like other airlines, Americans first In March 2020, they stopped working to reduce communication between staff and passengers and ensure safe flights.

The Fort Worth-based airline said the service would be suspended until September 13, the same day as the completion of the Transport Safety Management Mask for all aircraft.

The mandate requires masks on all airlines, airports, terminals, trains, buses and boats. Linn It ended May 11 but the TSA extended it to September.

The Americans have been suspended for a long time after the airline restored all of its domestic premium cabins, including May 1.

He added that the airline will continue to supply alcohol in the first and third rooms of the business. The sale of alcohol was originally scheduled to resume on June 1 at the airport, but will be suspended.

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While acknowledging that “customers and staff are eager to return to normal”, Byrence said in a statement, “We are careful and deliberate when we return to pre-Clovid experiences.”

“We know that alcohol can contribute to the behavior of customers on board, and we owe it to our staff not to aggravate a situation that may already be new and stressful for our customers.”

Linn On May 23, a Southwest passenger was arrested on suspicion of beating a flight attendant during a flight from Sacramento to San Diego, according to a statement from the San Diego Port Police Department.

According to Lynn Montgomery, president of the Southwest Flight Association, the flight attendant suffered facial injuries and lost two of his teeth.

Following the incident, Dallas Southwest made a decision to “re-evaluate the alcohol service on the board” and suspended the service indefinitely.

United said in a statement on Saturday that it was still supplying alcohol on flights over two hours. Delta also said it was offering beer, wine and cocktails on the flights.

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Since the beginning of the year, there have been reports of 2,500 abuse of passengers, and about 1,900 reports of unwillingness to carry out the Federal Face Mask mission, the FAA reported on Monday.


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