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Spit Solo leader in the colony; PGA Champion Mikelson cut – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth


Wherever Jordan Spit went, he started playing well again. He always felt comfortable approaching his home in the colony where he was the leader.

P.G. Champion Phil Mickelson missed the final two-legged Charles Schwab of the Champions League after missing the last two holes and headed for California.

After the second round, Spitz was again free of Bogi on Friday to take the lead after Hogan Ali’s Under-129 second round. The Dallas-born 65-year-old was hit by a bullet from his prestigious Jason Kokrak.

“I’m in a good place in a well-known place,” Spitz said.

Linn Linn On June 16, at the age of 51, Michaelson completed his 51-year career at PGP last weekend. The champion won the golf major. But after the second round, 69 left the Colonial 2, which included three birds in a four-pointer to complete the front nine.

But McLean rolled in on the left corner with a 7-foot equalizer on the 16th and 3rd and made a half circle around the cup without going in. As the sun shone through the clouds, a 10-foot slide slid 18 to the left of the pit.

Shortly afterward, Mikelsen dropped out of school and told a visiting PGA official that he enjoyed his time at the tournament. He said he hated the two-time championship, which would not be the end of the week.

20 years ago, the first PGG. The first round was won by Spieth, co-captain Sergio García, along with Sebastian Munos and Paton Kizzire, who were tied for third on Wednesday, 65th. Munoz had six birds in the back nine, including the last three holes in double number nine.

Kokrak, Garcia and Munos were the waves of players who completed the 2 hours and 26 minutes before the weather delay.

Stable Drops Started at the same time Spitts, Mikelson and defending champion Daniel Berger are jointly ranked No. 1 to start the second round. Mikelsen had Boge in the opening 5.

The rain stopped before the game was interrupted by lightning near the course of the hurricane, which caused severe hurricanes south of the course. At that time, Mikelsen was in a green treasury at No. 3, 23 feet[23 m]from the same cup.

When the game resumed at about 2 1/2 p.m., Michaelson’s first shot was partial to save the 7-foot par. Spitz was rolling in a second bird.

“I came out of the rain delay and got a good result on 3, and I really felt like I had a chance to suck almost every hole in that front nine and up to nine,” Spitts said. “But I didn’t swing it either. I really didn’t finish and I didn’t feel good. I knew I had to manage my golf course a little bit and fortunately that’s a very good job.”

Spitts has been playing in the 11th season since he was cut off from farmer insurance in late January. Since then he has completed seven top-10 matches in a total of 40 events in the previous two seasons. He won the Valero Texas Open, his first victory since the 2017 British Open. Colonialism In 2016, Ashan, L, where he came out with two and three more in the top 10.

Cochrane still hits the ball long, and now has a long putter on the greens. The 6-foot-4 and 35th-ranked player who has played in the FedEx Cup for the past eight seasons has been transformed into a 36-inch pole this year.

I was 190th in the playoffs but I was the top five ball-attacker, so I focused more on the game until the end, and you know it was the same hot. “But you know, I still want to focus on hitting the ball. I’m struggling with the driver, so I think finding a suitable driver this week has come a long way.”

This year’s best back-to-back rounds, with six birds and bogs in each round, will be on the Colonial course, which ended last season. After a 12-week discontinuation due to the COVID-19 outbreak, PG He met for the third time last June in the Charles Schwab competition, marking the resumption of the tour.

Since then, the 36-year-old Kokrak won his first CGJ title at Shad Creek in Las Vegas in October.

The low point of the day was Charlie Hoffman’s top 62 of the season, beating former Boge by No. 3, as he made his way into the rough and lost the green. In verses 14-17 he had four consecutive species of birds.

Hoffman, who was 71 in the opening, was tied for sixth in the 7-under 133.


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