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Sports tech company Fulltime Analytics is running on the ground running


Greg Slattery, CEO, Fulltime Analytics

Focused on driving digital change for sports organizations and rights owners




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Irish founder data analytics startup Fulltime Analytics was launched with the aim of driving digital transformation for sports organizations and rights owners.

The business is supported by an advanced data analytics platform that connects all of organizations ’data sources to help the sports industry understand their fans better and support commercial growth across ticketing, merchandise, fan engagement and sponsorship.

Fulltime Analytics is a joint venture between the sports and hospitality agency The Collaborative and Collaborative Platform, a global data analytics platform used by Showtime Analytics cinema industry leaders.


For the past 12 months, Fulltime Analytics has worked on a successful pilot project with League of Ireland football club, Shamrock Rovers. The new company is initially focused on supporting organizations in the Irish market but has plans to expand its offer to the UK and US by the end of 2021 using a strong network of contacts in these countries.

“The sports industry is in the midst of a data revolution and we are really excited to bring the capabilities offered by Fulltime Analytics to market,” said Greg Slattery, CEO, Fulltime Analytics. “The sport is unlike any other industry in the world when you consider the passion that fans have for their team, it creates really rich data sets that our technology uses to come up with innovative strategies. in commercial for clients.There is a huge opportunity within the industry for users of data-driven strategy as targeted marketing communications at the right time will deepen engagement with existing fans and make their brand is more appealing to a wider audience. ”

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Read More: data analytics digital transformation Fulltime Analytics game

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