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SQL system log slurp part of the grandiose data sharing vision • The Registration


Google promises to retrieve data logs from Oracle and other on-prem SQL data systems for tracking, data integration and ML pipelines.

Among the latest concoctions of the Chocolate Factory are Datastream, designed as a new server-free service to catch data changes and replicate data where desirable.

Gerrit Kazmaier, the general manager and vice president for databases, data analytics and Viewer Google said The register the system works “directly with logical database logs” to understand the state of data, insertions, deletions and updates.

“It doesn’t get any overhead on system resources because we’re not testing it for changes; we understand changes in its own format. Also, server -free infrastructure means there’s no burden on managing systems,” he said. .

Organizations can do this to check data changes in one of Google’s tools, or simulate data, or introduce triggers to replicate data for ML data pipelines, Kazmaier said.

It is available at preview for Oracle and MySQL, either in the cloud or on-prem. Google has a “roadmap” for introducing the service to most other mainstream RDBMS’s this year.

‘Google says: if you do it our way, we’ll do it as much as possible’

Michele Goetz, vice president and chief analyst of Forrester, said the DataStream commitment is that it reduces compute, battery, latency, and network bottlenecks by reducing the data footprint to what is needed for in an analytic or event model rather than pushing an entire data set and complex queries.

“Remaining data warehousing can stay in place and be incrementally updated. For strategies that maintain component parts due to cost and security, these systems maintain their lifespan. But they also gain traction. value in the DataStream, which creates a bridge between traditional systems and modern operational environments and smart use cases, ”he said.

Google is also introducing Dataplex as a “smart data fabric” for managing data systems and Analytics Hub designed to cut-and-paste analytics models built using Google Looker tools.

Ultimately, Kazmaier said: “You’re not just sharing raw data sets, but you’re sharing Looker models, and Looker blocks that are directly related to the data set. So, when something is received, it’s not they start again from the raw data, they can use all the semantics and the analysis that you have developed. “

Philip Carnelley, associate veep, software research at IDC Europe, said there are advantages to bringing visibility, management and integration of data assets to a single cloud platform but users need to submit “the Google way” to doing things “.

“You’ll probably use BigQuery in preference to Snowflake for example, but all of these things can be done to work together. It’s probably slightly less open than Amazon. Google says, ‘if you do it on our way, we’ll do it as much as possible. ’That’s their philosophy, whereas Amazon is a bit more of a toolkit,” the analyst said. ®

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