Squid game was initially considered a feature film

And with that, he was on the run. Even though the show we know and love now is not quite what Hwang originally envisioned. Fresh from shopping around a script, he started writing “Squid Games“as a movie:

“And then I thought, ‘Well, I’m a director. Why don’t I just make a movie with this kind of storyline?’ So that’s how it all started. I decided I wanted to create a Korean survival game in my own way. This is how Squid Game was conceived in early 2008, and then I wrote a script for a feature-length movie version in 2009. “

Of course, “Squid Games“is not a movie and it was certainly not released anywhere near 2009. So what happened to it? As Hwang says, he shopped for the movie, got no investment that worked, and left.”Squid Games. In the meantime, he ruled “Silented”, “Miss Granny” and “The Fortress”. When he finally found his way back to his old selfSquid Games“Script, it was an emotional reunion for Hwang, who connected the story with a particularly hard time in his life. Hwang explains in the interview:

“So when I re-opened the files to edit them, and read through all the scripts and emails I exchanged with all the people around me at the time, I actually had a moment where I broke and cried by myself.The script itself was infused with many hard memories, but then there were all these emails where I asked people to read the script, try to get around investments, and many to cause personal pain.

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