May 9, 2021


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St George Illawarra Dragons vs Wests Tigers Starting Time, Results and News for Round 8

The Warriors made a strong start to their confrontation with the Cowboys, taking 18 points to zero within 21 minutes.

Nathan Brown’s men started the run up through full-back Cody Nikorima, who broke through the cowboy defense with an excellent doll and ran in the seventh minute.

This was followed by a streak broken by Captain Roger Toivasa-Cheek, who broke through the right edge and found Rocco Perry in there to give the youngster his first attempt at NRL in the 14th minute.

The third attempt came by bulldozing the second rower, Ben Murdoch-Masila, who crossed under the pillars in the 19th minute on the ice, a long-range attempt ignited by breaking the Nikorima streak.

“He’s Running and Gun Warriors and what a show to put on!” Warren Smith commented on Fox League while Murdoch-Masila was freaking out.

“Stampede in the last game. (Reese) Walsh finds himself in a dead end, reaching the middle, but (Cody) Nikorima just cheated on them.”