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St. Louis Officer Macking ” sad but not illegal, Judge Laws


  • Former St. Louis officer William Olmstad was acquitted of the charges on Friday.

On Friday, St. Louis was shot dead by protesters and photographers outside the Bush Stadium in the wake of the Pepper election, and rejected the testimony of other onlookers who said it was an unnecessary act of violence. .

Linn On September 29, 2017, during a protest against the release of a former St. Louis police officer charged with murder, Officer William Olson was present at the center of a series of riots in which one officer was offended and the other honored. Olson shoots Macken at a crowd of cameras.

On Friday, Judge Tom C. Clarke ruled in his favor. They acquitted former police officer Olston in three counts of felony criminal mischief in 2019.

Clark Silence, sad and complaining witnesses wrote about the adverse effects of the chemicals, Defendant’s actions were appropriate.

Although the video was delayed by a loud shout of pepper spray and a clearing of chemicals from the crowd, Clarke said there were verbal threats and two attacks on police, sparking public outcry. , “By providing legal proof that Olston has used force, even if it does harm those who do not pose a threat.

Clark wrote that in the run-up to Olson’s action, the public responded to the arrest of Rev. Darrell Gray, who was thrown to the ground, and to respond to the protest of Calvin “Cap” Kennedy.

These two arrests were investigated in detail One October 2020 R.T.T. Cover History. The investigation, based on the Gray case, highlights the gaps between the video evidence and the gap between the 63-year-old and the 150-pound man who was allegedly assaulted by police officers. The time.

Gray has been charged with felony criminal mischief – the case is pending, but is currently being prosecuted by civil liaison officer Ronald Vox. (Vohan no longer with the department: In February 2021, prosecutors falsely accused Vohan Made Doctor’s Note He is said to have submitted his resignation to the department.)

However, in the case of Allston, Judge Gray and Kennedy described the arrests as “two separate attacks on law enforcement” – although no one has ever been charged with assault.

At Clark’s verdict, the narratives of the authorities – as Gray and Kennedy attacked – served as part of the liberation of Oleston.

Clark wrote: “Immediately following two separate attacks on law enforcement,” wrote another member of the group, a “threat of injury.” The threat was then exacerbated by the fact that “even a large number of angry individuals came to the area.”

Allstone did not attack, Clark told him. Concluding the verdict, the judge said, “When an officer deliberately violates his oath of office, the public’s trust in the law enforcement and our society is undermined.”

Clark “respectfully” the court noted that this article did not arrive here.

Following the news of the verdict, he was released on Friday. Heather Demian, a well-known live broadcaster and freelance journalist who covered the 2017 protests, made a video of Olson killing her and others that night.

I am not against it. I was an independent journalist, taking pictures of the protest and asking why they were using lethal tactics against the opposition. Olston stabbed him on the field without warning … ”

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