Stacey Abrams’ suffrage organization donates $ 1.34 million to clear medical debts in five states

The Stacey Abrams suffrage organization Fair Fight Action continues to do so, and in its latest act of kindness, the group has donated over $ 1 million to clear medical debt for people in five different states.

According to CBS News, the organization has donated a total of $ 1.34 million to RIP Medical Debt, and the money will be used to eliminate over $ 210 million in medical debt to over 108,000 people across Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana and Mississippi. In the Press releaseFair Fight Action said: “Over the next few days, more than 108,000 individuals will receive a letter, containing a yellow envelope, stating that their debt has been reduced.”

Speaking about the donations from her organization, Stacey Abrams said: “I know firsthand how medical costs and a broken health care system put families at more risk. This problem is exacerbated in states like Georgia, where failed leaders have reportedly refused to take action and expand Medicaid, even during a pandemic.

She added, “For people of color who are working poor and middle-class families who are facing devastating costs, we hope to relieve the burden on desperate Americans and on hospitals that are struggling to stay open.”

Fair Fight Action’s donation is the third largest donation in the history of RIP Medical Debt.

The donation is also part of the organization’s effort to help fight full Medicaid expansion across the country.

Like me in front reported, last month, Stacey Abrams was one of the people most influenced by Time Magazine.

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