Staff banned from prison for alleged ‘inappropriate relationship’ with prisoner

An investigation is under way at Corrections over allegations that a staff member was caught having an “inappropriate relationship” with a prisoner.

Southern district commissioner of corrections, Ben Clark, confirmed that allegations had recently emerged regarding the inmate’s relationship with a staff member from one of his contract service providers at Christchurch Men’s Prison.

“We took immediate steps to notify the contracted provider. The contracted provider’s staff were given an exclusion notice prohibiting them from accessing the site.”

Clark said the alleged behavior was “unacceptable”.

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“We demand a high standard of behavior from all contract providers, volunteers and staff and expect everyone working in our prisons to abide by the rules in place to protect everyone. This is a serious violation of these rules.

“We support our contract suppliers and will work with them to ensure they can deliver the standards of behavior we expect in a challenging work environment.”

The woman at the center of the allegations did not respond to requests for comment. Thing.

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