Stalch went to jail after throwing gasoline bombs at his Southampton home


A “jealous and bitter man” uses gasoline bombs Southampton A court heard that he was part of a campaign to attack a house.

Ashley Pankeizz throws three petrol bombs at a house east of Milibrock Street.

When one of them did not explode, he threw it at his ex-spouse’s property again.

Judge Christopher Parker KC said last spring that the 30-year-old had a relatively short relationship with the victim.

“In mid-June, the relationship was severed, and in the meantime, there were some signs of enthusiasm and control,” he said.

A former military officer who had served in Afghanistan and later signed with the RAF during a Southampton Crown Court hearing had previously heard how he once planned to take the woman and her friend on vacation to Greece.

He even bought plane tickets and traveled to Heathrow Airport, but later returned to Southampton.

The court heard that Pancakewich, a resident of Anderson Street in Southampton, had been arrested several times, continued to harass and harass while on bail.

Once when she was at home, she broke into her wifi network and was able to play songs on her sound system.

He was charged with felony criminal mischief on September 11 last year in connection with a “bomb attack” – denied and found not guilty.

Instead, he blamed the fire – carelessly risking his life. He was also found guilty of persecution, which caused severe alarm or anxiety.

Prosecutor Rose Bernie read a personal statement to the victim, saying that Pancakes had no sympathy.

She felt that the damage to her would have far-reaching consequences and that she was “completely hopeless

Meanwhile, her friend described her pancakes as “bitter, obsessive, and jealous.”

“I have no regrets about what he did,” he said.

Defender Charles Gab said his client was guilty and deserved credit. He added that he was a man of good character and served his country.

“I know I’m dangerous to the public,” said Judge Christopher Parker Kessie during the sentencing hearing.

After serving six years and nine months in prison, he was granted a five-year sentence.

He spent at least four and a half years in prison.

Until the next order, Pankevich was subject to a restraining order


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