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Stalinist gives Chrysler 10 years to prove himself


Fiat Chrysler is no longer available, but Fiat and Chrysler have been given at least another ten years to prove their worth in the near future.

Stalinis CEO Carlos Tavares said he will verify each of the 14 brands, which have teamed up with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA Group for 10 years to develop a business plan.

Searching for Chrysler and more products by 2031 is a long process. With two minibus names and a 300-year-old lineup, it would be so heavy without a large metal mine.

If interim Chrysler boss Tim Kuniski continues in his role, In 2025, he will be working on a game plan for the brand that will mark the Millennium. But in the years to come, who will give Chrysler a different path.

Some say that the brand is vulnerable and should be sought. Other distributors, including David Kelleher, chairman of the Board of Trustees, believe that Chrysler can even use the crossroads and other cars – perhaps on the PSA platform – with the muscle.

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