May 7, 2021


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StartUPDATES: New developments from the start of health care

Seven bridges The first round of $ 30 million, planned for $ 30 million from the new Life Science investor, was announced this week. This investment will support the company in its mission to accelerate scientific discoveries and to accelerate raw experimental data into new treatments and tests.

“The ubiquitous oxy-optical devices are rapidly becoming the drivers of scientific innovation everywhere. According to William Moss, CEO of Seven Bridges, the seven bridges, as the industry’s leading provider of enterprise bioinformatics ecology, will enable bridges to enable their customers to gain insights from a wide range of sources. “This new investment recognizes the role of the seven bridges in the future of biomedical innovation and will enable us to accelerate the innovation and excellence of our organization to use our clients’ fast-growing multidisciplinary research. ”

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Blue treatments, He is based in Waltham, Massachusetts and has announced a series of financial grants Disruptive IND Level Receiver-InteractiveT.M. Platform and pipeline.

“Basic science recognizes that interactions between receptors are creating new drug targets on their own. They play a more important role in the biology of many diseases than the individual recipients of the industry’s historical focus. “With the right compounds – what we call modulators – the interaction of receptors can be selectively rotated while maintaining the physiological function of individual receptors. This results in improved efficiency and better tissue and disease selection and specialized pharmacology and eliminates many of the side effects we see in current treatments.

Blue Therapeutics has been successfully operating in a virtual reality model and has so far been funded by nearly $ 7 million in public subsidies alone. Stephen Bloomer, CEO and current industry executive, has resigned.

We need to build a virtual and financially supported model, as well as the information we have for BLUE-181 and a company that can effectively promote the current opportunities in parallel. And when we have a very focused pipeline, we also know that we can actually scratch the surface of new drug targets. To read more Click here.

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Results 4 Me, Has an AI platform to help cancer patients navigate, and has raised $ 12 million for the series. Funding will enable the company’s platform to expand beyond breast cancer to other cancers and, among other applications, to more patients in Europe.

Norwent Ventures led the round with veteran investors including Sera Venture, Property Management Venture, MasterCall Limited, IR Capital and others. Andrea Jackson, director of Northwest Ventures, will be a member of the Outcome 4Me Board. To read more Click here.

The beginnings of health benefits Take order health He raised $ 12 million as part of a series. LiveOak Venture Partners and SJF Ventures led the funding for the Dallas-based business. The company works with small and large employers and provides services to cover the most difficult employees to ensure team planning, such as part-time, part-time or remote workers. To read more Click here.

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