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Queensland selector and Maroons legend Darren Lockyer says Cameron Munster and Harry Grant “should play” in next Wednesday’s State of Origin opener as they race the clock against injury.

Munster was named in the Maroons squad for the Townsville clash on Monday, June 9, Despite having missed Melbourne’s last three NRL games due to a leg injury.

Grant was also selected this season after making only five appearances.. He has been ruled out with a groin injury since the Magic Round.

Lockyer explained that Queensland’s 20-man expanded squad had been properly selected for a host of uncertain scenarios, but that Munster and Grant would no doubt be in place when they arrived on 9 June.

“It’s not ideal, but we picked 20 players because we knew we had suspension issues, we knew we had injury issues. So, if Plan A doesn’t come, we got Plan B.” “Sports World,” Lockyer told Wide. QLDER.

got dirty, which is unfortunate. But we had a backup plan there. In regards to Kaufushi’s coming, it’s a box.

“It’s just about giving people like Grant and Munster some time. But from what I hear, they’re doing well. So, they should play.”

Queensland icon Wally Lewis assured that a minor injury would not be enough to take Munster to the field, with his confidence and presence just enough to lead Maroon to victory.

“Maybe he’s the only one who knows if he has a real chance of playing in the game,” Lewis said QLDER.

“But he is one of those players who I think will not play for three or four weeks in the making of the game.

“You can count on putting him on the field. He plays with a lot of confidence. He likes to dictate… It’s his instinct on the field which is similar to great players like Lockie, JT, they all have was.

“There can be frustration about not seeing him at the training paddock and the fear of not being out. But ask him if he wants to play, even if he’s not fully fit the day before the game and He’ll tell you ‘yes.’ Seven days a week.”

Lockyer continued: “When you haven’t played for a while or you play with a minor injury, it comes down to confidence. He doesn’t lack a single one. I don’t think it bothers him at all. will do.”

Despite Grant’s lack of minutes this year, Lockyer revealed that Hooker maintained his cardiovascular fitness and would have no problem stringing an 80-minute performance in Townsville, which is one way to explain that Reed Why Mahoney is ready to miss the game- Day Squad.

“By all reports, Harry’s fitness, in terms of his cardio, is exceptional. So, I think playing 80 minutes won’t be an issue. He’s young,” Lockyer said.

“It’s different to coming back and playing 80 for the Hurricanes than playing 80 at the original level.

“But from all the good judges who know Harry, he is confident that, if he is physically fit, he will be able to score 80 at Origin. Whether he does, it remains to be seen.”

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