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States, Explore Business What a new CDC mask guide means


More than a dozen states that have fully vaccinated Americans have quickly adopted new federal regulations that no longer require them to wear masks at home. But other states and cities and some major businesses began to hesitate to question whether the approach was safe or even feasible.

According to many business owners, there is no easy way to tell who has been vaccinated and who has not. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Thursday’s new guidelines, basically let people do the right thing.

Workers’ groups and other employees in stores, restaurants, and other businesses have warned consumers that they may be exposed to cornevirus and may play an unnecessary role in the “immunization police.”

Several major chains, including Home Depot and grocery stores Kroger Conn, have announced that they are awaiting orders for the current mask.

But Sen Weinberg dropped masked signs on Friday at a restaurant in Malver, Pennsylvania, where he and his wife were running. He emailed to let his staff know they could leave a mask at work if they were fully vaccinated.

Commenting on the need for a mask, he said: “The only thing we need to fight for is a headache.

When the CDC came up with the resolution, half of the states had masks for most indoor spaces.

Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Kentucky, Washington, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, North Carolina, Kansas and Rhode Island announced plans to comply with the directive in the coming weeks.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown says the new approach makes it clear that vaccines are the fastest way to get “everything we love” back. Kentucky Governor Andy Besher called the policy a “game-changer.” According to Washington Governor Jay Eley, the change is “in the best interests of the people.”

Other states, such as California, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Massachusetts, and temporary cities, such as Minneapolis and St. Paul, have temporarily adopted laws.

“We’re not clear yet,” said New Jersey Gov. Phil Phil Murphy. “We have not been able to determine who was vaccinated and who was not,” said David Egeh, governor of Hawaii. The best remedy is to wear a mask. ”

Although the CCC’s directive is still in demand in overcrowded masks such as airplanes, buses, trains, hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters, the airline’s stakes have risen sharply, and people must comply with local and state regulations.

South Dakota’s only congressional representative, Republican Rep. Dusty Johnson, made the announcement by sharing a video showing how mastic masks are now being used for things like wallets, bookmarks or beer mugs.

Just throwing them away seems like a waste. I think it makes my mother cling to the blanket.

And WKYT-TV reporter Shel Libi Lofton in Livington, Kentucky, tweeted. “So I guess I’ll start wearing lipstick again. I also have to work on Pokaye’s face.

Christoff Cunningham, who is fully enrolled in 28 Detroit, said he agreed with the new rules by wearing a mask when he drove the 28-year-old electric scooter to a bar for lunch.

“I believe in the science behind all this,” said Ningham, who manages the food supply. Eventually I will lift my mask more and more.

Scott Dolch, general manager of the Connecticut Restaurant Association, said he had heard from many owners who wanted more information on how the new regulation would work, and that some were concerned that customers might find it difficult to decide whether they should be vaccinated. .

“That puts a lot of stress on the restaurants. They’re right. Well, I have to deal with the ceremony now. It’s true that someone told me that he was fully vaccinated,” Dolch said.

Elsewhere, the announcement made little sense because in recent weeks many states and cities have already put on a mask to improve their virus numbers. Tourist city Branson Missouri did so early last month after selecting several masked fans.

Newly-elected Mayor Larry Milton, for his part, said: He was dividing our community. We heard loud and clear from the electorate that they wanted the masked order repealed.

Randy Weigarton, president of the American Teachers Federation, said the union, which has 1.7 million members, is still trying to figure out what the change means for schools. In recent weeks, many have been hiding mask orders.

The CDC and BID administration have been under pressure to lift restrictions on fully vaccinated people – complete the last two weeks as required – to partially highlight the benefits of the shot and encourage others to get vaccinated.

About 47% of the US population has received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and about 36% have fully received the vaccine.

Viral cases have dropped to an average of about 35,000 since September, about one-third in the last two weeks. Deaths have dropped by an average of 620 per day, a level not seen since July last year.

The CDC Director, Dr. Roel Wallace, said in a statement that the vaccine has been shown to be effective in preventing severe COVID-19 infection. She cites evidence that infections in people who have been vaccinated are mild, short-lived, and difficult to spread to others.

Occasional cases of complete immunization have raised concerns.

New York Yankees announced ahead of Thursday’s game that the short-lived Gliber Torres has been fully vaccinated, but has confirmed that he has been infected. Seven fully immunized coaches and staff members were also positively tested.

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