May 9, 2021


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Steps star Lisa Scott Lee now works as a school principal after moving to Dubai

Her first pop song sounded like something out of a math lesson – so it’s fitting that Lisa Scott is now a school principal.

We can reveal the Steps star, who topped the charts with 5, 6, 7, 8, now runs a performing arts school in Dubai and to 600 students, it’s simply “Miss Lisa”.

Lisa, 45, took over the job after moving to the United Arab Emirates with her husband Hear’Say superstar Johnny Chintal, 42, and their two children.

The couple launched the Dubai Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2014, which is run by Lisa Bean to travel the world to perform.

Lisa said, “The steps are my life. It has been my life for the past 24 years, but being a school principal is my daily job.”

Lisa Scott Lee with other Steps members in March 1999

Even when I’m with Steps, training or filming a video, I’m going to work on my laptop. It has become kind of a running joke. I have to flip between the Steps hat and the main hat, which can be tough and cumbersome in sometimes.

“I got on the plane as Lisa, boss, and got off as Lisa, pop star.”

Along with her Steps band mates Claire Richards, Lee Latchford Evans, Faye Tozeur and Ian “H” Watkins, Lisa has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide.

But she is equally proud of DPA, which teaches kids between the ages of three and 18. It is the first and only school in the United Arab Emirates to offer a BTEC qualification in Performing Arts.

Dubai Academy of Dramatic Arts in Dubai
Dubai Academy of Dramatic Arts in Dubai

Lisa, mother of Jaden, 13, and Star Lily, 11, said, “I like waking up in the morning with a purpose.

“I’m not here to enjoy myself – I work at school six days a week, eight to ten hours a day.

“I focus on the day-to-day running of the school and the business side of things, while Johnny is the creative director and head teacher.

“I’m basically in the office now but I’m still teaching kids to sing and dance sometimes. I’m really proud to be able to tell people I’m a teacher.”

Along with her Steps bandmates, Lisa has sold over 20 million albums worldwide
Along with her Steps bandmates, Lisa has sold over 20 million albums worldwide

The star, who readily admits that it can be a “real challenge” to motherhood in two entirely different careers, added: “We moved to Dubai in 2011 with two kids, two bags and a two-year plan.

“I never expected in my wildest dreams that I would still be here in ten years and run my own stage school.

“We have an incredible quality of life in Dubai.

“I get honored here for Steps and sometimes people start singing for me if we go out but in general, when I’m in Dubai, I’m just Miss Lisa.”

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Lisa returned to the UK in October to promote Steps’ sixth album, What the Future Holds.

But it has not been able to return since Dubai was placed on the Red Travel List.

Lisa said, “It was really hard to see the band performing without me, but I’ll definitely be back for the new album and our arena tour later this year.”