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Stocks with low volatility and momentum for June 2021


Here is a list of stocks with low volatility and momentum for Nifty 100 to June 2021. You can also get historical data from March 2019 to June 2021. We filter Nifty 100 for (1) positive 1-year returns, (2). Positive six-month returns, (3) price > 200-day moving average, (4) 50% of daily positive returns, (5) lowest volatility.

What is low volatility investing? Low volatility investing refers to identifying and investing in stocks with low price volatility. Again this is based on previous evidence: Low Volatility Stock Investing: Does It Work? Higher returns for less risk?

What is momentum investing? Invest in stocks that have gone up significantly in the last 6-12 months in the hope that the trend will continue (for a short period). Relevant data and links for the Indian and US markets are discussed here: Momentum Stock Investing in India: Does it Work?.

There is a close relationship between momentum investing and low volatility. In fact, most momentum stock-picking strategies even include a way to filter stocks based on volatility. They prefer stocks that have grown in the past (= momentum) with low volatility. Another closely related idea is to look for stocks that have been held in them. all time price high.

Warning: Whether you choose stocks with momentum or low volatility, or both, it’s important to know when to sell a stock. Following such a trend requires a serious level of discipline and commitment. You should be able to buy and sell stocks without question In a short time If it no longer has enough momentum and/or low volatility. If you deviate from the valuation, ROE etc of the shares and hesitate or buy more than necessary, it will not work. Please do not use this list indiscriminately to buy into and clutter up your portfolio. This list will grow in method over time. So be ready for it. Do your own research about speed and low volatility investing!!

speed investing in india

You can watch this video version of the above link to get an introduction to momentum investing

low volatility investment in india

Let’s say p1 is the previous day’s closing price, and p2 is today’s closing price. The daily return is defined as (p2-p1)/p1. This is the percentage change in the price. When we calculate the standard deviation of these daily returns, we assume that they fall on the bell curve. this is wrong. The next better step would be to assume that the log return is defined as log(p2) – log(p1) which falls on the bell curve.

This is also not an accurate estimate because market returns are fractals in nature. However, this is a close approximation. So to create a low volatility index, the standard deviation of the log return is used. However, there isn’t much difference in the present case, and you can just use the normal standard deviation.

Why should returns fall on the bell curve? If they don’t, then both “average” and “standard deviation” have no meaning!!

How to use this screener?

You can use it in many ways. Here are some suggestions.

To check low volatility stocks:

  1. Sort by increasing standard deviation
  2. Ensure returns in the last 6 months and 1Y are positive with good amount of daily returns.
  3. Choose the stocks with the lowest volatility.

To screen for momentum stocks.

  1. Take out stocks with negative 6 months and 1Y returns.
  2. Eliminate stocks with a positive daily return of 50% or less.
  3. Eliminate stocks with a current price lower than the previous 200-day average.
  4. Sort the remaining stock by increasing the standard deviation.
  5. Choose stocks with low volatility and high momentum (high 6 month or 1 year returns).

pay attention: Repeat trading may be necessary for both approaches. If the stock does not meet the above criteria in the next month’s screener, you will have to sell outright regardless of tax and replace it with another. As mentioned above, the history of previous months is provided along with this month’s sheet. I will continue to add to this history in subsequent months.


  1. If you want data for June 2021 alone, the cost will be Rs. 111.
  2. If you want monthly historical data: March 2019 to June 2021, the price is Rs. 500.
  3. This purchase gets you a special 40% off on two courses we offer: How to get people to pay you for your skills (aka Skill Earning) with 565 members and Lecture on Goal Based Portfolio Management With 2271 members!
  4. While I will do my best to publish an updated screener sheet every month, I cannot guarantee that.
  5. The file contains no buy or sell recommendations and only data derived from price information.
  6. Adequate care and effort has been made to remove the errors; However, I cannot guarantee that the sheet is free from error.
  7. Buyers will need to do their own research on how to use the information in the spreadsheet. The sheet does not include any recommendations or assistance and will not be provided separately.
  8. I will not provide any further help or assistance in using Sheets.

If you want historical data of qualifying stocks from March 2019 to June 2021: Click here to pay Rs. Download 500 & Nifty 100 Momentum Low Volatility Screener.

Living outside India? you can pay through paypal link (9 USD) and send a mail to freefincal on gmail.

If you want the qualifying stocks for June 2021 alone: Click here to pay Rs. Download Nifty 100 Momentum Low Volatility Screener for 111 and June 2021. Living outside India? you can pay through paypal link (3 USD) and send a mail to freefincal on gmail.

By clicking, you agree to the terms in the Important Information section above. Don’t forget to download the sheet after making the payment (after payment you will get an email with the download link)!!

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