May 9, 2021


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Storm hopes to stick with Nicho Hynes

Nicho Hynes will start full-back against Cronulla on Friday night with rival NRL clubs paying close attention to the talented Storm out of the decade.

Craig Bellamy hopes Nicho Hynes will hold on to the storm even though co-star Ryan Papenhuyzen blocks his way to be the usual Melbourne full-back.

Hynes will wear the # 1 jersey against Cronulla at AAMI Park Friday night with Papenhuyzen missing his second match due to a shoulder injury.

It’s another opportunity for Hynes out of the contract to show his worth as a full-back, with a number of other NRL clubs sure to pay close attention.

But Bellamy hopes the 24-year-old will settle for being a Storm superstar and stay in Melbourne.

“He’s out of his contract and we’re very careful to keep him but I imagine there will be a great deal of interest in him,” Bellamy said.

“His home position is a defender, but he has turned into a real good player for us and we want to keep him.

“He’s part of our 17 – he’s tough there with Paps but some of the other matches he’s played this year in different positions and roles that are different from what he’s used to, he’s done a great job.”

Hynes played Manley in a Under-20 competition and seemed destined to jump straight into an NRL career before Sea Eagles ignored him after an injury.

He ended up playing the Queensland Cup in North Queensland and recently told how he fell into depression while chasing his dream.

Haynes revealed his tough upbringing with his mom in and out of prison, Bellamy said he’s proud of how far he has come since joining the storm in 2018.

“His growing up was difficult at times and he had some tough times with his mental health,” Bellamy said.

“I don’t know if he’s 100 percent outside of the other side but he’s done a tremendous job getting to where he’s got to with his mental well-being but also as an NRL player.

“You should be proud of and admiring the way he went through what he went through.”