Strange? Personal Gift from Trump to Giuliani Sold at Auction

a book written by Donald Trump with Rudy Giuliani sold for over $54,000 more than two decades ago, by an auction house.

The former president, who was a New York real estate developer at the time, signed a copy of his book “The America We Deserve” to Giuliani, who was the Republican mayor of New York City at the time, in January 2000.

“To Rudy – the best mayor NYC has ever had! I promise I will never go against you – Donald,” the note reads.

The item sold for $54,143 Wednesday on RR Auction, an auction site specializing in historical artifacts, autographs and memorabilia, according to the site.

RR Auction said the product was certified but did not specify whether it was sold by Giuliani or by another party.

Sixteen years after the date on the memo, Trump took office in the White House, during which time Giuliani served as his personal attorney.

Giuliani is currently under federal investigation and has been named in several lawsuits related to his work in that position. $1.3 billion lawsuit He is seeking compensation from Dominion Voting Systems for lies spread by Trump and his allies about election fraud.

Giuliani under a mountain of legal fees reported to be close to breaking and not getting help from Trump.

The first edition of “The America We Deserve,” released in January 2000, is in “very good condition,” according to the auction house.

The auction house’s description reads, “A remarkable New York City association dating back to long before the controversial White House years.”

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