‘Strangers in the Night was my song until Sinatra took it away from me’

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Know that you have a hit song and then become another artist from the record label. I went to Bert Kaempfert’s house in Spain and he gave me strangers that night – and then Sinatra took that song away from me. I think my manager at the time was forced to give the song to Sinatra because their record company came up with some powerful words, so of course he had no choice but to give it to him. You can not argue with Sinatra.

It was very disappointing for me because of course it would have been a hit. I knew it was a hit song when I heard it. Sinatra did not sing Strangers in the Night very often – he recorded it, had a number 1 song with him, but he never sang it very much. That’s funny, right? I would have sung it every time!

My worst childhood memory

As the youngest son of my two brothers and seven sisters, I was forced to go and buy my sisters sanitary ware. I think they did it just to torture me – I was very shy, little boy. The image is possibly hysterical now when I think about it – I go shopping for them, at the chemists, try to buy these things for them. I was under 10!

My worst habit

I have to say it corrects people when they use the wrong pronunciation of a word. That’s one of my pets. You know how the word Caribbean. That really irritates me. It’s my worst habit, it really is, because I actually left school at the age of 15, so who should I talk to?

The worst thing about being in my 80s

Remember how she used to be when I was in my 40s. I have many years to look back on – more than to wait for me – but I’m glad I’ll always be singing and coming back on the trip. This tour coming is a blessing in disguise for me because it is something I want to do and I know it is what my wife would do for me.

The worst in my house

At the moment, it’s the emptiness. It’s a part of life that we all have to endure at some point but it’s hard. Silence is honest and I am grateful that the street is calling and I am learning music again. It fills that gap.

The absolute worst

I’ve seen an increase in imitators – trolls who look like everyone else and take on the part of celebrities. I have so many people try to imitate me online and that is something I absolutely can not keep. They give out false information and they try to make money from the members of the public. They are scams.

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