Striker Texas: Austin FC complete a three-game home run against Galaxy

AUSTIN (striker Texas) — It can’t get bigger than that. At least it won’t be for Austin FC this year.

With his playoff fate nearly sealed, Verde will be in front of a national television audience Sunday night playing for nothing else but pride. What more needs to happen after the club was humiliated in their last flashy game, a 5-3 defeat against FC Dallas.

The narrative will be rich this time around, as Austin hosts the mighty LA Galaxy for the first time on ESPN2. The pride and joy of the Mexican national team fans, Chicharito, rested and ready. There’s sure to be some divided allegiances in the stands, especially among the many California expats.

The most important thing, however, is that Austin FC finished their longest five-game losing streak of the season. If not now, when?

Come on, let’s see.

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