Strong journalism aside, it’s a dark and stormy night for warm TV

A piece of journalism that resonated with the ABCs foreign correspondent was the only highlight of an exhausted night on television.

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You know TV is in a sad state when Thursday night thunderstorms turned out to be far more interesting than what the networks had to offer – with the very honorable exception of ABC. foreign correspondent and reporter Anne Barker’s beautiful work, that is.

FC It focused on the sad reunion of now-adult children who were stolen from East Timor families decades ago by Indonesian soldiers and others. A wonderful story that echoes our Stolen Generations, watched by 429,000 people. S+A, meanwhile, average 412,000 for a boring, vicious discussion about the usual suspects – no comparisons.

If we’re talking about the amount, from 6pm to 7pm – 1.52 million on average – it was Seven’s night due to the strong performance of the news and home and away (951,000) and later home and away late (935,000).

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