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Stunning photos show fledgling peregrine falcon chicks rescued by Cambridge College porters


Timing is everything when it comes to nest flying. But some birds that run away very quickly, a team of porters from Cambridge College is ready to catch them.

Fortunately for a peregrine falcon who ran away yesterday morning, June 1, it was precisely this warm welcome from the admiring photographers and staff at Pembroke College Cambridge.

The birds have been raptor royalty since their arrival in the city in 2014, and this is their seventh breeding season.

All three chicks are now back in the central nesting area after the third one successfully hatched this morning.

The first falcon fell early on Saturday afternoon, May 29, and was also brought by porters, before being taken to the Raptor Foundation near St. Ives, and released today with his brother.

“It’s kind of standard for us,” said a porter at Pembroke College, who also temporarily had three kids from last year.

“Basically they don’t have enough height to take off the air under their wings,” he said. “Because we know about it, we have boxes and blankets all ready and raring to go.”

Cambridge engineering student and wildlife enthusiast, Jamie Clarkson was at the scene yesterday.

The 22-year-old took some stunning photos of the bird finding its feet on the streets of Cambridge, if not yet feathered.

“It was great to see it take its first flight,” he said, “and then to see it up close – they are beautiful birds.”


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