Successors Justine Lupe and Zoe Winters on Being the Roy Family’s Arm Candy

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In “What It Takes”, the Roy family travels to Washington, DC to crown the next Republican presidential candidate – of course, after their own interference with coverage on their conservative news network, ATN, convinces the current, temperamental president not to run anymore. . It’s a tomb of Vipers, so of course, Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is in its element. But as the episode interferes with the unfortunate underpinnings of American politics, other characters find themselves embedded in the environment as well.

Zoe Winters plays Kerry, Logan’s executive assistant, who has begun to assert himself at meetings, making bold statements about Logan’s great joy and the great consternation of his children, who are worried that they might have an office flirtation for their father. compete must pay attention. It’s a sudden move to the forefront for the character, who has been floating in the background since the end of the second season.

“She joined the height of the scandal in the cruise ship division,” Winters said. Sonia Saraiya on this week’s episode of Still watching. “I was always fascinated by the fact that at the time, she would vote and join the company – she would attach herself to this dysfunctional media dynasty as they faced this investigation.” Winters, who also played a conservative operative in Buzzy Will Arbery the game Heroes of the Fourth Turn, appear to be operative as well Ann Coulter, Candace Owens, and Tomi Lahren for inspiration.

“I really feel like Kerry has some frightening political positions,” Winters adds. “She’s obsessed with winning.” The close relationship that Kerry has with Logan stems in part from how dazzling the younger co-worker of Logan’s success, ruthlessness and everything is. You can hear a lot more from the conversation with Winters in the episode below:

And of course, there would be no convention of conservative windbags without Connor Roy (Alan Ruck) make the round. (A Surprised Shiv (Sarah Snow) commented that in a room full of Timothy McVeighs, her happy older brother looks like a Roosevelt.)

Justine Lupe plays Willa, Connor’s girlfriend with theatrical aspirations, whose play was a dismal failure last season. The state of Connor and Willa’s relationship was a bit of a mystery, but so far in the third season, despite the general chaos around them, Connor and Willa were an inseparable unit – from the Balkans to the smoozing in DC We See she was writing a game on her iPhone before fielding lecherous advances from organizer Stephen Root, whose attention, though undesirable, is good for Connor’s campaign.

“That’s what we all struggle with sometimes,” Lupe explains. “How do I float through this moment … not allow it to get too far, and yet make the other person feel calm?” Willa, to her credit, knows her way around these situations. “She was an escort. She went out with these guys. She knows how to be that simple … best-date-ever type of girl,” Lupe adds.

Lupe also speculates with Still watching on what keeps Connor and Willa together. She does not think it’s an ambition to be a political woman, or anything like that. “She’s honest. And she’s like, and she’s protective of herself and she’s in consistency because she’s bonded with Connor. It’s like a protection of her thing together,” Lupe says. “And the level of refusal she has fits in so well with Connor’s refusal. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that she still loves typing – like, ‘Okay, I have to be here,’ but I will work on my cause again. “


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